Embark on thrilling quests within Paytada to unlock a realm of attractive awards. Participating in quests is not only enjoyable but also rewarding. Here's a simple guide on how to engage in quests on

1. How to Join Quests:

  • Login to Your PTD Account: Ensure you are logged in to your Paytada account.

  • Navigate to the โ€œEarnโ€ Section: Find โ€œEarnโ€ section in the main menu.

  • Access โ€œQuestโ€ Page: Click on "Quest" to enter the dedicated quest page.

2. Completing Tasks and Claiming Rewards:

  • Engage in various tasks to earn enticing rewards.

  • Spend just a few minutes on tasks and promptly claim rewards.

  • Rewards include spins, USDT, and more. Explore the Quest page for details.

  • Check the progress and view task rules to stay informed.

3. History Tab: Track Your Achievements:

  • Visit the History tab to review information about completed tasks and received rewards.

4. Lucky Spin Game: Boost Your Rewards:

  • If you complete tasks and receive spins, head to the "Lucky Spin" game located at the bottom right of the page.

  • Participate in the game for a chance to win additional rewards such as USDT, BTC, ETH, SOL, or more spins.

Join the questing adventure on Paytada and enjoy the thrill of earning rewards while completing tasks.

Happy questing!

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