Simplify your digital asset experience with Paytada. Easy registration, secure login, and intuitive account tools make managing your crypto effortless.

1. Account Registration:

  • Register in a few simple steps using your personal email.

  • Enter Referral Code if available.

  • Verify your account via email by clicking "Confirm device" after receiving the verification link.

2. Login:

  • Easily log in with the email registered in Section 1.

  • Besides email, you can log in with your Telegram or MetaMask wallet by adding them to your "Profile."

3. Account Management:

  • The account management interface is located at the top right of the screen, displaying the User ID (UID).

  • Navigate to "Dashboard" to manage your account, copy your UID, invite friends, and set up Google Authenticator for security.

  • Quickly deposit and withdraw funds from the Dashboard.

4. Account Recovery:

  • Add your Telegram/MetaMask wallet to your profile for login in case of email unavailability.

  • Contact Paytada support if unable to access any account.

5. Terms of Use and Privacy:

  • Account registration takes only a few seconds, but full privileges require account verification.

  • Email verification enhances account security and ensures compliance.

  • For transactions over 100,000 USD per day, KYC is required to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

  • Personal information is securely encrypted in storage and transmission.

6. Logout and Safety:

  • Log out by clicking "Logout" in the Account menu.

7. Safety Optimization Guide (Using Public Devices):

When using public or shared devices:

  • Always ensure to log out after use.

  • Avoid saving login information automatically on the device.

  • Verify a secure connection (https).

  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for added personal information protection.

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