🎱Trio Bounty

A Game of Predicting the Last 3 Digits of Bitcoin in 3 Minutes!

Are you prepared to embark on a thrilling journey filled with challenges and excitement with Trio Bounty? It's a unique and dramatic game where you get the opportunity to predict the price of BTC, ETH, or BNB and win substantial rewards!

I. How to Play: Diverse and Exciting Experience

Step 1: Purchase Tickets:

Visit the Trio Bounty section in the Games menu on the Paytada homepage. Select a suitable gaming room.

Step 2: Predict Bitcoin:

  • Choose 3 digits that you believe will be the result of the last 3 digits of the Bitcoin price after 3 minutes.

  • Each prediction of 3 digits is equivalent to one ticket.

  • You can purchase up to 20 tickets (20 entries) in each round, increasing your chances of winning.

  • The system allows you to choose random numbers to add an element of excitement.

Step 3: Await Results

After all players have made their predictions, wait for the conclusion of the 3-minute round to see if your chosen numbers match the actual result of Bitcoin.

II. Rewards and Risks: An Emotion-Filled Journey

  • If you correctly predict the exact last 3 digits of the Bitcoin price, you will evenly share the money in the prize pool with other winners.

  • If your prediction is incorrect, you will lose the amount of money you used to purchase the tickets.

Playing Trio Bounty is not just an entertaining experience; it's also an opportunity for you to challenge yourself and accurately predict market trends.

Join now to experience the excitement and luck with Trio Bounty by Paytada!

Don't miss the chance to receive valuable rewards in each short-lived round!

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