Paytada's Crypto Playground: Dive into the Prediction Excitement!

Embark on a thrilling Paytada gaming experience predicting BTC, ETH, or BNB prices. Double your USDT and shape the game with commitment on our exclusive platform.

How to Play

Step 1: Pick the Prediction Game and select a room.

Step 2: Choose "Enter Up" or "Enter Down" in the "Next" round and specify your commitment amount.

  • The clock icon displays the remaining time for the current Live Round.

Step 3: Click โ€œEnterโ€

  • After the countdown finishes, allow 3 minutes for the results to be revealed.

  • Participate in the upcoming round by staking USDT and join the excitement.

Step 4: Enjoy the displayed results on screen after 3 minutes.

  • Cross-check the results with the Tradingview chart provided below.

  • Examine your gaming history and that of other players in the game through the 'History' section.

Step 5: Keep the excitement alive by diving into the next round.


Commit Position:

Choose "Enter Up" for anticipating a price increase or "Enter Down" for expecting a decrease. Ensure your commitment falls within the specified range; positions cannot be modified.

Real-Time Gameplay:

  • Observe live price fluctuations for 3 minutes without any interference from players or the system.

Game Results:

  • Following the round, results (WIN or LOSE) are announced. Examine the round details in the "History" section.

  • In a Winning Scenario, double your commitment, with instant payouts after a 1% service fee deduction.

  • In a Losing Scenario, encounter a commitment amount deduction for unsuccessful predictions.

Dive into the thrilling realm of crypto prediction gaming, exclusively on the Paytada platform, where blockchain technology ensures fairness and transparency!

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